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Goeie Vrydag 25 Maart 2016

Mev. Winnie Ras, ds. Kobus Klopper en Schalk Pienaar
uitgenooi om aan die nagmaalstafel te sit. 
(Foto: Elsa Minne)

Do not judge...

Easter Season

The Easter season has arrived!

This is a time to spend with your loved ones, that may include family and friends, I hope and pray for an awakening of your spirit, not only should you enjoy but to also remember the main reason why you were brought to this earth as there is purpose you have to fulfill...I pray that you may remember it fully and also that you may be the light that is set upon the hill to display joy and love to all those around you, in everything you do, don't forget to display a character that will bring people close, a character that will create a motive inside of people to be better than you , it may sound difficult but your purpose is to bring people to a point of enlightenment regarding themselves, yes you have problems, yes, there are certain people who are against your well being, but in all of that don't forget to make people feel better about themselves, don't forget to display that beautiful character you have inside of you, it may come from the wrong person but it is a demand for you during this period .The person you intend to be should play part in what you are today.

Remember to fake it until you make it. Because you have a certain, special role to play in other people's lives and in your life also. You were born for a purpose , stick to it!!  Enjoy it!

From me I say have a great Easter weekend!!

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